How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog with Pinterest

December 29, 2020

The secret to every successful Pinterest strategy is the content behind it.

Linking to useful information will encourage the viewer to get to know and trust your business. With a strong blog, you can readily provide content to promote to your ideal client on Pinterest. 

Writing a pin-worthy blog can be quite a feat. That is why I am now providing monthly blogging services to help grow your business with Pinterest! Schedule a call today to get started.

After you have established your blog, it is time to promote it on Pinterest. However, there are a few more tips to keep in mind beyond linking to your latest post. 

Ready to drive more traffic to your blog through Pinterest and start converting viewers to clients? Keep reading for the top advice for success!

1. Create Timeless Content

Pins can continue to drive traffic to your blog if they link to timeless content. We recommend following Pinterest Trends so you know what to promote. This does not mean you have to write a new blog post for each trending topic! Create new titles, designs and descriptions for related posts. For example, if ‘sage green’ is trending, find a past blog featuring that color and start pinning! Without a collection of blogs, it will be difficult to continue to link to relevant content. If you are starting up your blog, try to write evergreen content to get the most out of each blog! Check out my blogging tips for wedding pros to begin writing.

2. Pin Blog Images

It is so much easier to create new pins when blogging! Pull images from your blogs to create new content for your Pinterest account. Consistency will keep your audience numbers up, driving more traffic to your blog. Get creative and design new pins from your blog images. Add text overlay or layer images together if you have previously used the content. 

3. Spark Viewer Curiosity

Brainstorming pin titles and captions? Go to your blog to find information to include with your pins. Quick tips or how tos are more likely to lead to link clicks. We often include fun recipes and product lists to encourage the viewer to visit our blog. Build on past blogs if you need to! If the viewer is curious about your blog content, they will want to learn more. By the way, I have shared a visual guide to the blogging process on my YouTube channel here:

Who is ready to start blogging? A strong blog will provide the content you need to grow your business through Pinterest. The writing process takes time and research but is essential to a successful Pinterest strategy. Contact me today if you are interested in blogging with my team so you can focus on being the CEO of your business. We have you covered!

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