8 Easy Blogging Tips for Wedding Pros

September 7, 2020

The ultimate goal for all us Pinterest business users is to drive traffic to our website or blog right? From there, you’ll charm them with your personality and great services or products and turn Pinners into Paying Clients. Well, before we get to that point how about we share with you our best blogging tips for wedding pros. 

Having a successful blog is key to having a successful Pinterest strategy. I didn’t always start with a successful blog. Honestly. I was adding large photos and very little text with no H2 headers or backlinks. Did I lose you? Stay with me, I’ll break it down for you!

Oh and hey, we offer Blogging Services for Wedding Pros because we know not everyone loves to write as much as we do! If you’re not ready for 1:1 help quite yet, My course ‘Wedding Pros Guide to Pinterest and Blogging‘ is updated yearly with best practices for Pinterest and Blogging.

This blog post all about blogging tips for wedding pros contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them, and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission.

Blogging Tips for wedding pros

1. Write about what you know and what others are searching for

Often times we get writer’s block trying to come up with new topics for blog posts. But here’s the thing, if you’re in the wedding industry, you will NEVER run out of things to write about! Write about what you know and stick to your niche market. If you want to go a step further and want to write about what people are searching for right now, check ourt AnswerThePublic. It’s a gem full of questions that you can answer via a blog post! 

Type in a topic like “Wedding cake” and see what questions come up. Pick one or 10 to answer in a blog post!

Remember to stick to your niche market and answer questions your ideal client might be asking. Why is that important? Because your ideal client is coming to your page for a very specific reason. They like your style, they like your work, they like your personality or they maybe they like where you’re located. Talk about all of those things in your post and show them your VALUE. Write to your ideal client as though you’re having a chill conversation. Sort of like you and I are now, right?

2. Research your keywords

Sound familiar? That’s because we already do this for Pinterest! Keywords are equally as important when it comes to blogging. When you’re ready to start a new blog post have a little brainstorm session with yourself. Write all the keywords that come to mind when you think of your blog topic. 

For example, if I want to write about “Best Wedding Cakes”, my brain dump will look a little something like this:

  • Drip cakes
  • 3 layer cakes
  • Watercolor cake design
  • Cakes that look like food
  • Groom cake
  • Wedding cake toppers
  • Wedding cake pops

You could go on forever but the idea is to come up with keywords that you can insert in your blog post and that will also come up when your ideal client is typing them in the Google search bar.

Now, once you’ve found some keyword options, plug them into UberSuggest to see how they rank and if it’s worth using them. Here I’m using “drip cake” as my keyword. 

Metrics to keep in mind:


You want the search volume to be high. In this case it is meaning a lot of people are searching for the keyword “drip cake”

SEO difficulty

You want this number to be low. The higher the number, the more competition this keyword has and the harder it’ll be for you to show up in search results. Take a look at the sub keywords below. See the green box on the right? Those are GREAT SEO scores to have, meaning they aren’t too competitive. That being said, their search volume is around under 3000 but hey, it’s definitely a good place to start!

Conclusion, insert the keyword “chocolate drip cake” in your blog post about drip cakes!

3. Add headers for better reading

Out of all the blogging tips, I would say this one actually makes the biggest impact. Now that you have a blog topic and some keywords, let’s layout your blog post. If you’re a creative, you probably blog like I used to with a bunch of images and very little text, right? Well we need to add some words in there and we also need to add headers!

An H1 header is going to be your main title. You should only have one of them and typically wordpress or squarespace with default your title to that so you don’t need to do anything.

H2 are your sub headers and these are important. Your readers want to see these headers as a way to get to the information they need faster. No one reads full blog posts anymore. Don’t we all have like a 3 second attention span now? Add H2 headers every time you start a new idea. Like I did in this blog post!

H3 headers aren’t mandatory but they can certainly help your post. Maybe you have a list of sub-topics within one idea. Add them there! Remember it’s all about making the blog post EASY to read.

Paragraphs are the way to write the body of your blog post. Like I’m doing here, I’m separating all of this heavy content into easy digestible paragraphs for you to read. A lot more manageable right? Do your readers a favor and organize your post in the same way. 

Images are a great way to break up the monotony of a long blog post too. Sprinkle those in to demonstrate something or to add emphasis to the point you’re making!

4. Link to your own content

This was a new one for me! I always linked to outside references like vendor websites or large wedding blogs we were featured on but I never knew I had to link internally. You sure do! When you’re writing your blog post make sure your topics allow you to reference someone from an older post of yours. Don’t have any other posts to link to? Maybe link to a different page on your website that has something of value to your reader!

5. Add your topic in your intro paragraph

If you want to be SEO friendly, you’re going to want to make sure your main topic or keyword is mentioned in your very first paragraph. A super helpful tool I use on wordpress is Yoast SEO plugin. They give you a green light when you’ve made your post SEO friendly and give you recommendations on how to improve it. Highly recommend!

6. Collect emails

If you’re just starting your blogging career the thought of starting an email list is probably not on your list right now. But here’s the thing. You don’t have to send anyone anything quite yet but when you’re ready to, you’ll have more than just your parents to send to. Still don’t think having an email list as a wedding pro is important ? You might want to watch this video I made before you rule it out.

A simple way to collect emails is to add a “sign up for my newsletter” and add a link to a landing page with FloDesk. I recently moved from Mailchimp to FloDesk and am SO happy I did. An even better way to collect emails is to offer your viewers a freebie (downloadable checklist, free webinar, how to blog, etc.) in exchange for their email. That takes a little more time to figure out but definitely add it to your to-do list!

7. Add relevant images to Pinterest

Even if your post is something more technical like the one you’re reading now, sprinkle some images in there! Pinterest loves when we use images with text overlay and then your job is to add titles, descriptions and properly assign them to relevant boards after your blog goes live. If you need some help with getting started with Pinterest, I have a handy dandy Pinterest Tip Sheet that will help you when it comes to writing captions.

8. Share your blog posts everywhere!

Before you can become famous on Google, you’re going to have to share your latest blog posts on your social media pages. When my blog post goes live, I share it:

  • On instagram
  • On my personal facebook page
  • On my facebook group “Pinterest for Wedding Pros” (come on in!)
  • On other facebook groups when relevant (don’t spam people with your post but when someone asks a question that could be answered by reading your post, share it!)

8 Best blogging tips for wedding pros

I hope this gave you some helpful insight on how to get started with your blog. This will help your business be seen on Google and Pinterest but more importantly it will bring a lot of valuable content to your ideal clients. Trust me, they are reading what you write!