3 Pinterest Secrets You Need to Know

March 22, 2021

Whether you are new to using Pinterest for business or an experienced Pinner, there is always more to learn on the search platform! Since Pinterest continues to change, it is important to stay up to date on the latest tips and tricks. Keeping some useful tried and true strategies up your sleeve will help you continue to grow your profile.

Today I am revealing 3 helpful Pinterest secrets that you need to know. Ready to step up your Pinterest game? Keep reading!

1. Show Your Profile on Google

With my wedding planning business, I have received a great amount of bookings from Pinterest. Many times, my clients weren’t even using the platform directly when they found me! If you allow your profile to show on Google and other search platforms, possible clients can come across your images when typing in search terms for their wedding. When they click on an image from your Pinterest, it will take them directly to your profile. Neat, right?

To make sure your profile can be viewed on Google, all you need to do is uncheck a simple box. Go to your Pinterest profile settings, scroll down to ‘privacy and data’, then find the section labeled ‘search privacy’. Make sure that the box to hide your profile from search engines is not checked. That’s it! This simple step makes a huge difference.

By the way, if you want a visual guide on these Pinterest secrets, be sure to check out my YouTube video here:

2. Use Pinterest Trends

If you find yourself wondering each month what to blog about, Pinterest Trends is a helpful guide. Use this business tool to know which keywords are trending for the month and even down to the week. It outlines current and future trending search terms for many different topics. This takes the guesswork out of creating your strategy. If you want to make the most out of past blogs, try and find ways to revamp a previous post to fit a current trend! Don’t be afraid to reuse content if you aren’t able to blog about every trending term that applies to your business.

If you have a blog planned but wonder when it will be trending, you can type in your topic in the search bar. Look at the peak on the displayed graph for your term. I recommend trying to blog and pin about the key word 30-45 days before it is projected to trend on Pinterest. You may not see instant results, but once it get’s closer to the peak of your term, you will see those analytics take off!

3. Use Story Pins

You may be hearing about story pins all throughout the Pinterest community. This Pinterest secret is a major game-changer for your Pinterest engagement. While you cannot currently include a link back to your blog, they are great for boosting impressions and driving more traffic to your profile.

Now, since story pins are new, not every profile is provided with automatic access. If you want to start utilizing story pins, here is a link to request access! Start using this new feature to give your profile an analytics boost.

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