Why Your Business Needs Branding Photos (and how to use them)

April 11, 2022

If you own a business, you professional photos are an essential investment. I’m sharing exactly why your business needs branding photos and how to use them today! Let’s get started.

You are struggling to find content to share.

The main factor in making content creation easy (or not easy) is having the right photos to go along with it. Anytime you create a social media post, blog, or begin to update your website, you will be using photos. This could look like sharing the images straight from a gallery or using the images in graphics. Regardless, having a gallery of branding photos will make content sharing a breeze. You can even look through your branded images for new ideas! Many of your photos will spark your inspiration. If you have a great idea already, having photos on hand will help you find on-brand content to pair with it quicker.

You have updated your products or services.

Updated products and services call for new photos! You will need some images of your brand new products to provide a visual example to potential clients. For updated services, you want to create a completely new look. Make your hard work worthwhile! A strong image can be the difference in a viewer deciding to learn more or make a purchase. Plan ahead with your photographer to prepare the right space to capture exactly what your business needs. Keep your current needs in mind while also capturing some content that will last! Branding photo sessions do not need to be super often. I recommend scheduling one per year.

You are rebranding.

Of course, you will need new branding photos to go with your new branding! Rebranding often means you have updated your brand colors, fonts, and more. Schedule a photography session to complement this refresh to your business. In most cases, your older photos will no longer match your new branding. If you want your branding to make an effective impact, the right photos are essential.

You might be thinking, “Wait…I’m ready for a rebrand and want new photos for my business but I don’t know where to start.” Trust me, I get it. Just like your Pinterest journey, when it comes to your branding, you really need to work with a professional. I can’t recommend Lisa, owner of Ellette Studio enough for all things branding! She provides different levels of services to suit your business needs. Go contact her today to elevate your brand.

Once you have your branding photos, don’t forget to use them on Pinterest! Check out my 5 easy tips for a great pin design next.