How to use Pinterest Trends

July 13, 2020

At last! Pinterest has come out with a SUPER helpful feature that can help you plan your blog post topic way before the trend reaches Pinterest. In this blog post I’m going to show you how to use Pinterest Trends and what some of my favorite wedding keywords are to follow.

Convert to a Pinterest Business Account

First things first, if you haven’t already converted to a business account, you need to do that ASAP. Not only will you get access to all the important analytics, you’ll also be able to claim your website and eventually play with promoted pins. Need help on how to convert to a Pinterest business account? Check by blog post that walks you through How to Switch to a Pinterest Business Account

Find your Ideal Client

Great, now that that’s taken care of, let’s talk about some keywords we should focus on. You’ll first want to make sure you know who you’re targeting on Pinterest. Who’s your ideal client? Is it a glam bride, a boho bride or perhaps a DIY bride. Disclaimer: I talk about Brides exclusively (rather than grooms) because they are the largest user on the platform but you can most certainly target grooms as well. 

If you have no idea who your ideal client is, download this helpful worksheet to start brainstorming your ideas and keywords. I like to tell my Pinterest Strategy clients to try to think back to their BEST client ever and what it was about them that you loved. Was it a personality trait? The esthetics of their wedding? Their wedding budget (hey nothing wrong with that)? It could also be a mix of many of your clients’ traits combined as one to create your ideal client.

Let’s say you’re targeting a Glam bride. What is that bride going to be searching in the Pinterest Search Bar to get to your page? A few ideas that come to mind are: Glam Wedding Makeup, Glam Wedding Cake, Glam Wedding Decor. These are your long tail keywords. This means that in order to optimize your Pinterest Profile, you should use them in your Board Titles, your Pin Titles and your Pin Descriptions. Maybe even consider a few of these as hashtags! I have a few other ways you can Optimize your Pinterest Profile here if you need a boost. 

Using Pinterest Trends

Okay, back to our Glam Wedding. Now that I know my long tail keywords, I’m going to head over to Pinterest Trends, to plug them into the search bar. Note: Pinterest Trends may NOT be available in your country yet. I wanted to start a little more broad and typed in, Glam Wedding and here’s what we got:

As you can see, on the very far left of the graph, one of the peaks is touching the “100”. That means that the keyword “Glam Wedding” will be searched a TON the week ending July 16th. What this tells you is that if you planned to write a blog post about anything “Glam Wedding” related, girl you had better posted it 30-45 days before this date! 

Now, this particular keyword actually has several peaks, as many others do too. That means that you could definitely post about Glam Weddings multiple times a year and still get pretty good traffic. As you get more and more specific with your keyword, you’ll start to notice that some have lower peaks or tend to be very seasonal. 

I hope you’re as excited about this new Pinterest tool as I am. It’s going to be super helpful for planning out your content by writing down the peak dates of your top keywords. It’s also really great for anyone who is running ads with Pinterest, or Promoted Pins and can help you figure out what dates will be best to start your campaign.

Lastly, if these Pinterest articles are helpful but you want to get serious about your Pinterest Marketing and Strategy, I have a new Pinterest Masterclass for Wedding Pros that just launched! It’s not only jam packed with helpful tips, tricks and how to’s but it’s also doable in less than an hour!!! So you don’t have to spend 4 weeks getting all of the knowledge. You can implement all of these Pinterest learnings the very same day.

Let me know if you have found any other great ways to use Pinterest Trends by leaving a comment below or chatting with me over on Instagram!