5 Easy Tips for a Great Pin Design

September 21, 2020

As you know by reading some of my other blogs here, Pinterest is a visual search engine. This means, there’s a great focus on keywords BUT images are truly what drives the user engagement on this platform. A few things are to be taken into consideration for a great pin design. “This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them, and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission.“

Today I’m sharing with you some Easy Tips for Great Pin Designs. I want you to avoid making some of the mistakes I made when I started on Pinterest. I’m not a naturally good graphic designer so I use Canva for all of my design needs. 

That being said, the great thing about Pinterest is that once you’ve created a pin design that works for you and your brand, you can reuse it more than once as long as you swap out the text and images.

Easy Tips for Great Pin Designs

1. Keep Your Pins On-Brand

How do you recognize a certain company’s product or service when scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest? You recognize it by its branding! Whether that be its colors, fonts or images, those are all part of their branding and unique to that company.

Even if you’re just starting your wedding business, you should have a brand. Don’t worry, you can change your branding down the road so just start by picking out 5 colors and 3 fonts that you can use consistently. These will be used in blog posts, on your website, graphic designs, flyers, etc.

Knowing that you’re limited to just a few colors and fonts will help you be more efficient when creating Pins as well. I often get overwhelmed with all of the options the program has. Luckily, I HAVE to follow the brand guidelines I set for myself and that makes my font decision a lot easier!

2. Use High Quality Images

I’m sure this is not new information to you. Pinterest, like any visual platform, will want you to use high quality images for your pins. We want to avoid getting that pixelated look that no one enjoys looking at. 

Think about your ideal client as they scroll through the Pinterest home feed. They’re going to be clicking on pins that are clear and not fuzzy. Not just that, they’re also going to be clicking on pins that have been well edited.

What do I mean by that? A great pin design doesn’t use weird filters! For the sake of all wedding photographers out there, never put a filter on a professional photo. Also, your ideal client is looking for images that they see themselves in. They don’t want to look orange or green or over saturated on their wedding day! 

3. Make Your Text Overlay Stand Out

As a wedding pro, you are lucky to have an audience on Pinterest that likes images with and without text overlay. I’m a big believer in pinning photos of weddings you’ve done that are free of any text because that’s how clients can truly start to out together their “Wedding Day” Pinterest board vision.

However, if you want to capture an audience that is looking for tips, tricks and how to’s, you’re going to want to add some text overlay on your photos. In order to do that well, be sure your font type and color isn’t getting lost in the photo.

One way to make sure your text stands out is by adding a simple shape element behind in to create a solid colored background. You can also choose a photo that has a lot of white space and add your text there. Keep it simple but make sure it’s visible!

4. Don’t Use Script Font

Well it’s not that you CAN’T use script fonts but you should choose it wisely if you want your pin design to get clicks. Like I mentioned above, you want to make sure you fonts are still on-brand with your business. So if your branding is more modern, it doesn’t make sense to add a romantic script font in there does it?

More importantly, script fonts don’t show up well on mobile devices! Pinterest themselves have said that script fonts should be tested on mobile before you publish your pins. The reason being it’s just really hard to read on a smaller screen. Makes sense.

So don’t worry so much about your pin looking fancy, rather optimize it to be clearly legible and of high quality. 

5. Keep Your Titles Short and Clear

Much like a blog post or Instagram caption, you want your Pin titles to be catchy but also short and clear. You want to hook them and get them to click to read more. If your text overlay title takes up ⅔ of the Pin, you need to cut it down. You don’t need to tell them everything about what’s in your blog post, just enough to make them curious. Have fun with your titles and be clever. 

Think about what you typically click on when you’re searching for something on Google. Would you rather click on a title that says:

“Pretty bouquets that will inspire you as you are planning your wedding design”


“7 Bouquets styles that will blow your mind”. 

I rest my case.

There you have it friends! 5 Easy Tips for Great Pin Designs. 

Remember to think about your ideal client when creating these pins. Don’t over think it either. Test out a few designs and see what your audience likes. From them, save your templates in Canva and just keep reusing them by swapping out images and words.

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