How to Make Money on Pinterest

November 25, 2020

So you want to make money on Pinterest eh? Well friend, you’re in the right place because I’m sharing a few strategies to get you started!

You may have noticed that Pinterest has everything from quotes, recipes, home decor and even business tips. That’s the beauty of this platform, you can find pretty much anything!

Now, now every single link connects the Pinterest users to a product, nor should they! The great majority of your pins should link to a helpful blog post or, if you’re a wedding pro, a featured wedding.

However, you’ll often find some links to the blogger’s favorite products or freebies scattered throughout their blog post. The goal is to share helpful and relevant information to the Pinterest user and try to make some money at the same time!

Grow your audience and make money on Pinterest

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them, and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

Making money on Pinterest doesn’t mean it has to link to a product or e-course. Nope! In fact, there are a few really great things you can do to first build and warm up your audience before selling to them. Ready to find out? Read on!

1. New email sign ups

I think we can all agree that in order to sell to someone, they either have to be looking for the specific thing your are blogging about or have to be warmed up to you as a brand.

In order to warm up my audience, I want aim to first provide great content on my blog and then insert some links for them to sign up for my email list throughout that post. Then, as the user gets to know you through your weekly or daily emails, they will start to build that like, know and trust factor with you.

Eventually, when they receive one of your emails that is promoting a new product or service that you’re selling, they’ll be more likely to buy!

Tip: Pinterest won’t let you link a Pin directly to a email list sign up form (whether you use MailChimp or my personal fave, FloDesk). In order to get around that, you’ll have to insert your email sign up form inside a blog post and link your Pin to that post.

2. Direct product/service links

This one might be obvious but you can make money on Pinterest by linking your Pins directly to a product or service page. The challenge here is that you don’t want to make every single pin a sales pin or your audience will get annoyed (and so will Pinterest).

If you have a product, Pinterest has made it easy for you to sell with their “shop” tab. They also have clickable icons that show the price tag on the actual pin to tell the user that they can purchase this item.

Don’t be afraid to try this feature out!

3. Selling through a blog post

Remember I mentioned that you don’t want every single one of your pin to be a sales pin? Well there’s another way to sell to your audience via your blog.

Similarly to the email list tip I gave above, try writing a blog post and inserting your product or affiliate links within that post. For example, on my wedding planning blog, I wrote a post called “5 Best Veils from Amazon” with lots of links to my Amazon store in it.

IMPORTANT: if you’re going to be sharing any type of link that gets you a commission, you must disclose that with a simple sentence at the beginning of your blog. The one I like to use is:

By the way, if you’re wondering what NOT to do when trying to make money on Pinterest, I’ve got a fun video for you to watch here!

4. Linking to a freebie

Earlier we talked about linking a Pin to a blog post where users can sign up for your email and then having you, the business owner, gain their trust via a series of emails. Over time, they will learn to love you and hopefully purchase from you.

Well, this concept is similar but we would do it with a freebie. For us at Cause We Can Events, we have a few freebies for couples such as: A Free Wedding Budget Guide, The Ultimate Elopement Checklist and a Free Emergency Ceremony Script.

I’ll create pins that will link to these freebies via a blog post. Again, Pinterest doesn’t like linking pins to email forms like FloDesk so I had to get creative.

Get to work!

So there you have it friends, a few ways to make money on Pinterest. Remember, Pinterest is truly a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t expect to make money the second you upload your first pin. When done right though, you can start making passive income which is our dream, right?

Personally, I started by getting a lot of email sign ups and from there I was able to start selling my Pinterest Masterclass for Wedding Pros e-course via email so I can’t complain!

Have a question? Come on into our Pinterest for Wedding Pros & Creatives community and ask away! Or, do you want to dive into more Pinterest content? Learn How to Clean Up Your Pinterest Boards next!