5 Tips to Optimize your Pinterest Profile

June 11, 2020

How to Optimize your Pinterest Profile for SEO

Today I want to share with you 5 things that will help you optimize your Pinterest Profile and help boost your SEO rankings. These tips are simple and easy to implement but a lot of people skip right through them and miss out on great SEO opportunities. Alright let’s get right to it!

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1. Add your contact info

I only noticed recently that Pinterest now allows us to add an email, phone number or even physical address to your profile. It appears right above your website URL and is hyperlinked directly to your email! This is a great way to get anyone who is interested in contacting you to skip the headache of trying to find your email on your website. 

2. Add keywords in your title

I hate to break it to you but no one, unless you’re Beyonce, is searching your company name in the Pinterest search bar. It’s sad, I know. We’re just not that famous! But we do have the opportunity to add long tail keywords next to our name in order to come up in our ideal client searches. Tip: don’t be too broad like just adding “wedding planner” or “wedding photographer”. Try to think of an extra adjective to add next to those words to create a specific long tail keyword!

3. Claim your website

Claiming your website on Pinterest gives you that little checkmark next to your URL but more importantly it gives you access to important analytics. Yes, claiming your website does require to copy and paste a code on your website but I made it easy for you in this blog. Hyperlink to “Claim your website blog”.

4. Add a photo of your face

Again, unless you have a super recognizable logo, I always recommend you put a photo of your beautiful face on that Pinterest Profile page. Not only that, but try to use that same image on Instagram and Facebook as well. This is one of the few areas Pinterest isn’t worried about search terms so let’s use it to show our ideal clients who we are!

5. Add a freebie to your description

Below your title, Pinterest allows us to elaborate a little on who we are, what we do and who we are targeting. Yes, you DO want to add long tail keywords here but make sure you’re using sentences and NOT keyword stuffing. However. If you can save a little space at the end and have a killer freebie to offer users, add it in! You can shorten the link using Bit.ly. Don’t have a freebie yet? All good, just keep your bio as it is with all those great long tail keywords.

Hooray! You now have an optimized Pinterest profile and are on your way to getting more leads for your wedding business! Want to read more helpful Pinterest tips? Check out my next blog about How to Use Pinterest Trends!

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