How to Use Pinterest Like a Pro (the do’s & don’ts)

April 5, 2021

So, you are ready to use Pinterest for your business. Maybe you are already an experienced Pinner but want to step up your strategy. Today I am sharing 5 do’s and don’ts so you can start using Pinterest like a pro!

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DO: Use all text features

So, what exactly does it mean to use all of the Pinterest text features? Anywhere there is an option for you to type a descriptive text, be sure to do so. The more you are integrating keywords into your profile, your search value increase. Here are a few of the places you can add in text:

  • Profile Name
  • Profile Bio
  • Board Name
  • Board Description
  • Pin Title
  • Pin Description

AND MORE! Pinterest is continually adding new features like story pins, so always keep an eye out for new places to be descriptive. Be sure to be specific and target your ideal client in your text. If you aren’t quite sure who your ideal client is or where to start with your keywords, use my free Pinterest worksheet to get started. To begin, start with your general location and type of service (ex. Nashville Wedding Planner). Be conversational with the way you add in your keywords, writing full sentences.

DON’T: Pin from Instagram without Editing the Description

I always recommend pinning from your blog content however, when you start to use Pinterest, this isn’t always possible. While you set up your blog or website, you may decide to start pinning content from your Instagram. If you are pinning your Instagram images, change the description. Edit the caption to something more descriptive and concise, using the best keywords for your Pinterest profile. You will also need to delete the hashtags as Pinterest does not utilize those for viewers.

As soon as you are able to, start pinning from your blog. You will be able to link back to your website and directly informative content. This also allows you to create the most optimal pin size which is vertical rather than the standard Instagram square.

DO: Pin From Strategic Blogs

Just because you are blogging, this does not mean you will automatically gain clicks and then convert viewers into sales. You need to write optimized blogs with a clear call to action for your ideal client. Maybe you direct them to your new post from a pin and they receive helpful information from you. Then, it is your responsibility to let them know what to do next. Maybe you offer a link to another useful blog, a chance to sign up for your email, or direct them to your service tab.

If you want a visual guide on these Pinterest do’s and don’ts, you can watch my YouTube video on the topic here:

DON’T: Worry About Monthly Views

That’s right- the followers and views don’t ultimately matter. Yes, it is important to have a base viewership however, without the clicks to follow, this will not help you convert those views into sales. When you read your analytics, focus more so on the saves, engagement, and clicks to edit your Pinterest strategy. Take a screenshot at the start of your Pinterest journey to see how your analytics change! All numbers should steadily rise but, you will see the best results from those clicks directly to your website.

DO: Use a Scheduler

Once you have set up your profile, Pinterest does not need to be difficult or even time-consuming! Use a scheduler like Tailwind, scheduling 2-3 pins a day. Use might even incorporate graphic design through platforms like Canva or choose to use the new Tailwind Create feature. Take a few hours during the first week of the month to create new pins and schedule everything out so you will not have to worry about fitting Pinterest into your schedule weekly.

After having pins scheduled out, all you will need to do is post Story Pins directly on the platform at your convenience! These are super easy to create and you can post as many as you like. If you have a little extra time, try posting a few pins directly on Pinterest. There are some unique in-app-only features that you will want to get to know and utilize!

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