New Pinterest Algorithm Update

August 17, 2020

Here we are again with a new Pinterest algorithm update! I mean they are going to continue to happen so what can we do? We can read, learn and adjust to them. Pinterest is forever going to keep its users in mind when making these updates so as business owners, we need to make sure we are also keeping the end user in mind.

Will this new algorithm change your current Pinterest strategy? Possibly. But I’m here to help you navigate what you need to do in order to stay current on Pinterest and continue to attract your ideal clients.

The Old Algorithm

Pinterest as we know is gone. Okay that’s a little dramatic. But the reality is how Pinterest used to work is that it would show the user more of what it clicked on. For example, if I searched home design ideas and clicked on a photo of a bedroom with a dark accent wall, Pinterest’s algorithm knew to show me more of the same style of photo, color palette, keywords, etc.

What’s the goal of the old model? User engagement. Pinterest wants to show more of what they like so that they engage with that pin by saving it or click through to the website. This was GREAT for us business owners. More clicks to our website was the ultimate dream, right? Well, the new algorithm is a little different.

The New Algorithm: controlled distribution

Is Pinterest still keeping the user in mind with this new algorithm? Oh, absolutely. In fact, the main difference is that Pinterest is now us a chance to show users video pins and story pins which they may not have clicked on before.

This is good news you guys! Pinterest is like “hey user, you know what you might like that you don’t even know yet? A video pin. So let me spring a few of them in your feed and let’s see if you click on them”. And them BAM! The user clicks on the video because it catches their eye. Pinterest is like “oh dang, you liked that so here are a couple more videos for you.” Basically, Pinterest is doing a “controlled distribution” of new media for the user to consider.

What does this mean for creators?

The new Pinterest algorithm update means we need to continue creating great contents and static pins but simultaneously consider creating a few video pins and story pins. The biggest bummer about story pins is that they don’t link to your website. This leads me to believe that Pinterest is wanting its users to stay on the platform longer. Don’t panic. We’re all really creative people here and story pins will allow users to come back to you as their favorite Creator on Pinterest and ideally get them to engage with many more of your pins (many of which will have links to your site).

If you want to geek out a little more on the algorithm and all things backend of Pinterest, check out the Pinterest Engineering blog!

What do you think of the new algorithm? Will this change the way you market on Pinterest?

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