Top 3 Pinterest Business Questions: ANSWERED!

April 19, 2021

As a Pinterest strategist, I receive an abundance of questions daily about the platform. There is so much information to know and updates to keep track of. From discussions on my Pinterest Facebook group to comments on Instagram, there are three questions that continue to pop up.

Ready for these answers to the top Pinterest business questions? Keep reading to find out!

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1. How to Find the Time to Pin?

Good news! You only need to pin 2-5 pins per day. This will only require you to log into Pinterest or your scheduler for 30 minutes or less a week. Focus on sourcing quality images and creating related designs to link back to your blog. We use Canva for all of our pin designs! The platform comes with pre-made templates to help speed up the process. There are 3 types of pins you can focus on:

  1. Standard Pins
  2. Story Pins
  3. Video Pins

So, how exactly to find the time to pin? Once your designs and blogs are ready, schedule out your standard pins. Then add in story or video pins when you have a few minutes to spare. These ‘bonus’ pins do not have to be super professional as long as they have helpful inspiration or advice for the viewer.

2. How to Start Using Pinterest as a Business Owner?

You might already be using Pinterest with a personal account, pinning images from your business. However, if you are ready to convert your profile for business use, there are a few steps to follow. You will want to ensure that all of your personal boards are private and you have spent time optimizing your account. Add in new boards with descriptions that are focused on your ideal client. Rename your profile to reflect your business, add a link to your website, and edit your description.

For more details about these Pinterest business questions, I have made a video guide here:

3. How Do I convert Pinners to Paid Clients?

Out of all of the Pinterest business questions, this one everybody wants to know – and for a good reason! How to convert Pinners to paid clients? You will want to find your specific long-tail keywords. Start researching the most popular keywords that are focused on your niche market. For example, this could be a key phrase like ‘destination wedding tips’ if you are a wedding planner. Begin with your location and then continue to narrow down keywords for your ideal client from there.

After finding your long-tail keywords, create captivating and informational pins. These pins would lead back to a directly related blog that intrigues the viewer. Don’t forget about the call to action within your blogs! Add in your latest freebie or an option to sign up for your email list. That way, possible clients can start to know and trust your company. Once they love your brand, they will want to purchase your services.

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