How to Create Collage Pinterest Pins

July 19, 2023

By now you know I’m both a Wedding Planner and a Pinterest Marketing Strategist so there’s a little bit of both in my blog posts because, well, they sort of go hand in hand in my world.

A big part of how I grew my wedding business was thanks to Pinterest and when the pandemic hit I started teaching other wedding pros how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool to attract their ideal client.

So I hope you don’t mind me bouncing between some wedding business growth tips as well as some Pinterest tips? Great. Glad that’s settled.

Today I’m coming to you with something I created for myself but since I’m in a giving mood I figured y’all might find this helpful too! I present to you my FREE Pinterest Collage Templates!

What are Pinterest Collage Pins? 

I’m sure there are other more accurate terms for them but in my mind it’s exactly that: a collage of several photos combined with a color palette that you will add to Pinterest. 

This is SUPER helpful to your Pinterest audience because they can immediately find pins based on a color palette they’re interested in. Once they find your pin, they’ll click and it will take them to your blog post about that wedding (ideally) or to your website at the very least.

How do you use these Canva templates? 

Simple. Click this link to get access and press “Use Template” once the Canva template pops up like this image below.

Next, you’ll have access to the templates where you can scroll and choose one of 6 designs I created for you (or use all 6!). You’ll drag and drop your photos into the squares with the clouds and green hills and then select your color palette based on the images you are adding. 

That’s basically it! After you’ve created your Pinterest Collage pins, you’ll download them from Canva as jpegs and upload them to Pinterest. Be sure to add a title that describes your image as well as a caption that elaborates on it a little more. Most importantly, add a URL to your blog post about that wedding!

Have more questions or want to do a 1:1 session with me? Here are a few options for you.

Hope you enjoyed this one!