What Should you Pin in September (so you don’t miss the trends)

August 31, 2020

It’s officially time to talk about Fall! The most exciting time of the year isn’t it? Pinterest Fall trends start as early as the end of August but let’s make sure you hit them at least in September. Wondering what to pin in September? Here we go!

I’m sharing the top pinterest trends in September for the wedding industry. I actually ask you in my Pinterest for Wedding Pros facebook community which of these topics you thought would trend in September. Let’s see how you did.

You predicted that “Thanksgiving ideas” and “Winter wedding trends” would be the most popular. Well turns out you’re not completely wrong. Let’s break down September Pinterest trends into a few categories.

Fall Holidays

If you’re a wedding pro like me, you also tend to get involved in holiday planning right? Some of us get hired to design holiday tablescapes or even decorate for corporate themed events. With keeping in mind the fact that Pinterest wants you to pin RELEVANT content, adding some specific holiday boards on your profile might be a good boost.

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Pinterest Trends predicts that “Halloween” searching will peak the week of October 9th. What does that mean? GET ON IT NOW! Remember, when you see a peak on Pinterest Trends, you want to try and blog/create content for this topic about 30-45 days before. Whether you put a spin on a “halloween inspired wedding” or want to do straight up “Halloween tablescape ideas”, I know you have it in you to create a nice blog post full of helpful ideas and images. I have my own Halloween Tablescape Ideas board here if you want to get inspired. I’ll be adding all of the #spooktaculartablescape designs we get from our Halloween Tablescape Contest (hosted by my Wedding Planning company, Cause We Can Events)


You guys guessed correctly on this one! Thanksgiving is just around the corner believe it or not. It’s time to create your content for those fall decoration ideas and more specifically for Thanksgiving tablescape. Now this year might be a little different than our large Thanksgiving gatherings in the past so think of fun ideas for smaller family sizes. From recipes to DIY decor ideas (perfect for a Pinterest Story Pin), inspire your audience with your own ideas. Since we are in the wedding industry, showcase your fall weddings and maybe even encourage your audience to see your fall wedding tablescape as a possible thanksgiving tablescape idea!

Fall Wedding Trends

It’s not too late for fall wedding trends! In fact, September is the perfect time to get your brand new content (new pin images, story pins or video pins) with your fall wedding tips and tricks. The peak date for the “fall wedding” search is October 4th so be sure to get your content up ASAP to capture your ideal clients. 

Think about maybe even creating a freebie for clients to snag after browsing your blog post. The more you can provide them with amazing content, the more likely they are to buy from you. We all know the ultimate information we can get is a potential client’s email. I love using FloDesk for that by the way. The templates are already designed and so so easy to use. Just sayin’!

Fall Outfits

While this doesn’t necessarily relate a ton to the wedding industr per se, there’s a way we can make this category relevant. Think about ideas like “fall engagement outfits” or “fall wedding dresses” as a way to tie in the “Fall Oufits” keywords into your pin captions. You can create a brand new board dedicated to this topic and separate it by “men’s fall fashion” and “women’s fall fashion” which are also trendy terms.

Winter Weddings

Should you pin these in September? Well you totally can but if you’re strapped for time and need a few more weeks to get your winter content then you can wait until October. If you want to get ahead of the game, then by all means! There’s certainly no harm in pinning “winter weddings” in September as this search term will quickly pick up after Halloween.

Think you have some content to post for the September Pinterest trends? I’m sure you do! Come tell us over on our Facebook community or get inspired by what others are posting. If you want to dig deeper into our Pinterest blogging vault, try reading the Beginners Guide to Video Pins next!

Happy Pinning!