Best Wedding Podcasts of 2020

August 3, 2020

The Best Educational Wedding Podcasts

What do you do during the wedding off-season? Vacations on the beach? Daily naps and pints of ice cream? Oh, me too but I also fill my brain with wedding education. In fact, I don’t just listen to wedding podcasts during the off-season. I quite enjoy them on weekends any time of year while I’m cooking, walking the dog or brainstorming blog post ideas. 

If you find yourself having some downtime or want to kill two birds with one stone while working out, I recommend checking out these top 5 Wedding Podcasts. I put together a list of my favorites right now for you. I wanted to share wedding podcasts that are not just informational but that are real & honest and leave you with actionable tips. Ready? Let’s jump into the Best Wedding Education Podcasts of 2020!

Disclaimer:“This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them, and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission.“

Talk with Renée Dalo Podcast

Renée is a wedding planner in Los Angeles and someone I’ve always enjoyed listening to whether it was in-person or on a social media platform. She’s been in the wedding industry for 12+ years and launched a podcast that is exactly what wedding professionals needed. She interviews wedding educators in all sorts of niche markets and talks about topics that are honest, raw and sometimes hard to discuss. I actually had the pleasure of being on her podcast myself and we talked about How to Attract your Ideal Client. 

Business Bridal Bootcamp Podcast

Want to get your business butt in gear? Jamison is the one to help you make that happen! If you want to get straight to the point on a topic and get clear, actionable advice from wedding professionals, THIS IS IT. The speakers are experts in their field and each have great examples that you can implement today. Guess what? I was also featured on this wedding podcast and Jamison and I had a deep conversation about Pinterest for Wedding Pros. Listen to it now! P.S Jamison runs a killer Sales Bootcamp for wedding pros and if offering my readers 10% off her course RIGHT MEOW! You can join her popular Sales Bootcamp here and use code GABBY10 for the discount.

She Creates Business

Kinsey Roberts is the host of this incredible wedding podcast that has welcomed hundreds of incredible guests over the last few years. From topics like “how to open a venue” to “social media trends” she truly covers every aspect of the wedding industry. Have a question? Kinsey has probably answered it on her podcast. I love how she shares some of her personal experiences even on the episodes where she has a guest speaker. Be sure to check She Creates Podcast!

The Local Table Podcast

 The local table podcast is hosted by a really good wedding planner friend of mine, Kari Dirksen. Kari wanted to launch a podcast that felt like a conversation with friends around the dinner table with a glass of wine in hand. That’s exactly how this podcast feels. It’s a business podcast that allows entrepreneurs to dream big and gives them tools to set out and reach their goals. Fun fact, I was actually Kari’s guest on the VERY FIRST EPISODE of the Local Table Podcast and we talk about Leaping into the unknown and Going after your dreams.

Evolve Your Wedding Business

Last but not least. A MUST for all wedding professionals is the Evolve your Wedding Business Podcast with Heidi Thompson. Heidi’s podcast offers a mix of guest expert interviews as well as solo shows lead by Heidi herself. She has interviewed big names like Mike Michalowicz, Jenn Herman, Alex Beadon, Heather Crabtree, Kendrick Shope & Mark Butler and SO. MANY. MORE. Yes, you guessed it. I was also featured on Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast and that episode is about Growing Your Business by Hiring Associates. Side note, Heidi runs an incredible collective called The Wedding Business Collective which houses a TON of videos and resources for wedding pros to learn and grow their business. Definitely check that out if you’re ready to up level your business!

These are my 5 favorite wedding podcasts in 2020. 

They are focused on wedding vendor education as opposed to content that would teach you how to plan a wedding. These types of podcasts are so valuable to wedding vendors that are either just coming into this industry or have been here for years and are looking to hear from others on challenges they, too, are experiencing. Podcasts are such a great way to create community, I hope you follow all of these ones, write them a review if you love their podcast and follow them on Instagram!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other great wedding podcast recommendations! There are probably so many out there that I haven’t even heard of before.

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