Do followers matter on Pinterest?

May 3, 2021

That’s a question I get a lot and my answer has changed slightly over the last few months. Mid 2020, Pinterest’s algorithm changed significantly and with that we started to see this visual search engine platform incorporate a few social media style features.

But don’t worry, Overall, I would say that NO – a lack of followers on Pinterest isn’t going to ruin your chances of being successful on the platform.

However, with the most recent algorithm updates and the release of new features like Story Pins, Pinterest is pushing us (the business owners) to be more like content creators and are encouraging users to follow our accounts.

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Are there perks to having more followers?

Actually yes. When you follow an account, you’re going to see their content show up in your Pinterest home feed more than other pins. That means, there are more chances of your ideal client seeing your pins and clicking through to your website. 

Not only that but these followers may interact with your pins (save it, add an emoticon or even comment) which will show Pinterest that this particular pin should be shown to a larger audience. By the way, I created a video all about this topic on my YouTube channel for a visual guide on the topic here:

How do you get more followers?

Create Inspiring content

Pinterest is probably the most inspiring platform out there. Users come to Pinterest to plan future DIY projects, weddings, vacations and outfits. By creating relevant and inspirational content, Pinterest will start to show your pins in more search results, therefore getting you more followers.

I’ve personally noticed that the more consistent I was about adding new pins, the more followers I would get. At first I thought it was spam but as I read more into it in forums, it was clear that my content was just being boosted in front of new users. Pinterest was rewarding me for adding create content!

Use Pinterest Story Pins Feature

Another great way to get new followers is to create a Story Pin . A Story Pin actually doesn’t allow you to click out to a website but DOES prompt you to follow the creator of the Story Pin.

This new feature was met with a lot of concerns from Pinterest Creators but I can definitely see the value in it now. If you haven’t watch my latest video on How to Create a Story Pin, I’ll add it here because I really recommend everyone gives this a try!

Add a Website Pop Up for Followers

Lastly, I use a cool app called MiloTree that just pops up on my website and shows my potential clients all the awesome content I’m pinning. This little gadget gets me over 100 new followers per month! You can try it free here and if you decide you love it, it’s $9/month.

I like that you can control what pages of your website you want it to pop up so that your clients don’t feel like they’re getting spammed on every single page. I was surprised at how effective this was and I know that the followers coming from my website are super interested in my content because they’ve already clicked through to my website!

Do you need a lot of Pinterest followers to be successful?

So what do you think about getting new Pinterest followers? I feel like there are a lot of benefits to getting fresh eyes on your content. That being said, know that follower aren’t the end all be all with Pinterest.

You can be super successful on Pinterest without a ton of followers. That’s what I love so much about this platform. Your pins/content are searchable so if you’re adding great keywords in your descriptions and create fresh new content, you have the power to be found on Pinterest with or without a bunch of followers!

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