15 questions to ask your wedding couples to get a rave review

August 28, 2023

I won’t lie, this is a hard ask. I’ve struggled with asking couples for a review after their wedding for a long time. But asking the right questions can help you gather valuable feedback from wedding clients that can lead to a raving review.

While I wouldn’t recommend asking your wedding couples every single question listed here, this is a great place to start. You can pick and choose your top 3-5 questions and include a direct link to a review site where couples can simply copy and paste their answers to. Here are 15 post-wedding categories of questions to ask your couples:

  1. Overall Experience:
    • How would you describe your overall experience working with us as your wedding planner?
    • On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the services we provided for your wedding?
  2. Communication and Responsiveness:
    • How well do you feel we communicated with you throughout the planning process?
    • Were we responsive to your questions and concerns leading up to the wedding day?
  3. Event Planning:
    • Did we accurately capture and execute your vision for the wedding day?
    • How did our suggestions and recommendations contribute to the success of the event?
  4. Vendor Coordination:
    • How satisfied were you with our coordination and management of various vendors for your wedding?
    • Did you feel that your preferences were effectively communicated to all vendors involved?
  5. Problem Solving:
    • Were there any unexpected challenges that arose during the planning process or on the wedding day? How did we handle them?
  6. Attention to Detail:
    • Did you notice any specific instances where our attention to detail made a positive impact on your wedding day?
  7. Day-of Coordination:
    • How well did we manage and oversee the logistics on the wedding day itself?
    • Were there any last-minute adjustments or issues that we handled effectively?
  8. Stress Management:
    • How did our services alleviate any stress or concerns you had leading up to and on the wedding day?
  9. Personalization:
    • Did you feel that your wedding was personalized to reflect your style and preferences?
  10. Guest Experience:
    • Did you receive positive feedback from your guests regarding the event and its organization?
  11. Value for Money:
    • Considering the services provided, do you feel that the cost was justified?
  12. Memorable Moments:
    • What were the standout moments of your wedding day that you attribute to our planning and coordination?
  13. Improvement Suggestions:
    • Is there anything you think we could have done differently to enhance your experience further?
  14. Likelihood to Recommend:
    • How likely are you to recommend our services to friends or family members who are planning their weddings?
  15. Testimonial Request:
    • Would you be willing to share your experience in a testimonial or review that we can feature on our website or social media?

Remember to create an open and comfortable environment for the clients to provide honest feedback. Their responses will not only help you improve your services but also provide you with valuable content for showcasing your work and attracting future clients.