Realistic Wedding Mock Ups for Couples using Canva

July 17, 2023

“How do you make such good mock up designs for your clients?” is something I get asked a lot from fellow wedding planners or event industry pros. 3D renderings of ceremony layouts or tabletop designs are not only the best way to get my clients to visualize what it will look like but it also helps me and my team see exactly what our set up will look like on the wedding day.

When you’re a lead planner and you’re trying to delegate tasks to your team, how amazing would it be to pass off this 3D rendering and say “run with it”! Works like a charm for us and there’s no confusion about where the placement of rentals will be.

So for those of you looking to up your design game, allow me to give you two options for creating realistic wedding mocks ups.

Option 1: DIY mock ups using Canva

If you’re just getting started in your business and have time to tackle this yourself, this is the option for you. I actually quite enjoy doing these when I have extra time and can find the right images.

For this option, you’ll use Canva (pro version because you’ll heavily depend on the “background remover” feature). Instead of typing out how to do it, I made a video for you HERE. Even these simple DIY mock ups will WOW your clients. It helps them visualize how their wedding is going to look and it gives you something you can included as a bonus in your packages or as a paid add-on.

Option 2: Outsourcing mock ups to a Graphic Designer

This option is for those of you who are booking detailed-oriented Full Service clients and want to knock their socks off. They are paying you at your highest price point and should, therefore, get some quality renderings. My secret weapon for this is Lisa and she is a MAGICIAN. Since I’m not about gatekeeping over here, I really wanted you to discover her too. Her rates as of July 2023 will average anywhere between $150-$400 depending on how many sketches you need.

Typically, I request a ceremony and a reception sketch. She will give you several views of it too (wide shot, close up tablescape, etc.). You will also get free edits. These types of renderings are included in my Full Service packages but available as an add-on for my Wedding Management clients who are doing their own design.

So there you go. If you’re curious about either of these options feel free to email me and I can answer some questions. And hey, if you want to try to do these yourself but want me to guide you, I’m happy to open up a few 1:1 mentorship spots for my email subscribers like yourself.