What Wedding Pros Should Pin in September

September 6, 2021

“So, what should I be pinning in September?” If this is a question you are asking yourself, look no further! We are in the midst of a seasonal change and that means Pinterest will be following right along.

This month, we are focusing on all things FALL. I took a look at Pinterest Trends to find out exactly which terms you might want to create content for. Ready to find out what to pin in September? Keep reading!

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Fall Weddings

Wedding friends, you probably could have guessed this one. If you haven’t already, start pinning your fall wedding right away! Anything from fall elopements, color palettes, seasonal florals, to decor ideas is fair game. The best thing about this topic trending is that you probably have some past blogs to pull from. Create some new designs from those previous posts and schedule them out (my favorite scheduler is Tailwind). Especially during the busy season we are experiencing as wedding pros, this makes the process quick and easy.

Fall Decor

If you are like me, you may already be thinking about decorating for the season. Pinterest says it is by no means too early! Pin some fun fall home decor ideas from tablescapes to porch displays. If you like a DIY project, why not create an Idea Pin for the topic?


Remember, we want to hit these trends sooner than later. Pin that spooky content! We see Halloween terms projected to spike in early October on Pinterest Trends. You will thank yourself later for creating content for it now.

Fall Recipes

Of course, fall recipes are on the rise! Comforting soups, fall salads, seasonal desserts, and warming drinks (hello pumpkin spice) are all relevant. Pro Pinterest Tip: type in the recipe you have in mind in Pinterest Trends. From there, you will be able to see the most popular pins from that type of recipe and when exactly the term is projected to spike in popularity.

Fall Outfits

Lastly, how about some fall outfit ideas? Pin everyday outfits for sweater weather or even some wedding attire ideas for the season. These are some of the top fall outfit pins at the moment!

I hope this helps you determine what to pin in September for your business! Find out exactly how to use Pinterest Trends next.