What to pin in October

September 28, 2020

How do I know what to pin in October? Well I can tell you that Pinterest is very cyclical and you can sort of predict the trends every year. That being said, I also depend on Pinterest Trends to help me decide what keywords I chose focus on this month.

October isn’t terribly different than September because there are still similar themes like Halloween and Thanksgiving popping up. However, we’re going to start to see a lot more winter holiday themes in October.

As always, I asked the people in my Pinterest for Wedding Pros & Creatives Facebook group (free for anyone to join BTW) what their guesses were for October keywords and here’s what they picked:

Now let’s take a look at what’s actually trending in October and see who was right!


Yup! Halloween searches are still going strong this month which makes total sense because it’s October! More specifically, people are looking for last minute ideas for costumes, meals and decorations. Pinterest says: “Searches for adult Halloween party ideas are on the rise”. As a wedding pro or creative, I’m sure you have an easy Halloween DIY decoration you could show them how to do, right? Whip that blog post up now and add it to Pinterest!


It was a hot search topic in September and it should certainly be on your ‘What to Pin in October list’! As a creative, I would try to focus on fun Thanksgiving centerpieces ideas that you could blog about in October and start pinning throughout the month. You’ll see the peak of this search trend is the week of Thanksgiving so you want to be sure your content is on Pinterest at least 30-45 days before!

Winter Wedding Trends

Last month we focused on fall wedding trends but we all know winter weddings are now just around the corner. We’ll see a lot of dark reds, burgundy, greens and whites when it comes to color palettes. Have a wedding with fairy lights and faux furs? Add them to Pinterest! October is a great time to schedule some style shoots if you’re a wedding pro and want to get your content out on the platform. Start styling those winter weddings!

What to Pin in October

Lastly, remember that what you pinned in September will be trending in October! You should start to see your fall wedding ideas pick up so be sure to keep an eye on your analytics. Are people clicking back to your website? Can you offer them some sort of freebie to get them on your email list?

Keep up the good work you guys! If you’re new to Pinterest for Business, let’s go back to basics and learn how to Switch to a Pinterest Business Account first.