The one thing you need to do to stand out as a wedding pro in 2024

November 15, 2023

I don’t know who needs to hear this but the ONE thing you need to focus on in order to stand out as a wedding pro in 2024 is…


Let me tell you, if you can be a wedding pro or any business owner for that matter who is clear about how, when and where they will communicate, you are already 100 miles ahead in the race.

We have booked so many clients just based off the simple fact that we responded to their inquiry when we said we would. Crazy, right?

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What does good communication look like?

Automated responses in your inquiry form

We all love automation. Not only for business owners to save time on collecting information from potential clients but also for clients who are looking for a way to get faster information from vendors. An automated response sent to someone who clicks “submit” on your inquiry form is not only a great way to let your clients know you’ve received their inquiry but it’s a great way to start setting those communication boundaries. Our automated response is super simple. It says “Thank you so much for submitting your inquiry. We’re so excited your reach out and we promise to get back to you in the next 48 hours. In the meantime, check out some of our favorite weddings from this year {insert link to your gallery or Instagram}.”

Put an OOO on your email

Guys, if you don’t already do this, what are you waiting for? Again, you don’t have to tell the world where you are at all times but how lovely for your clients and vendors to know ahead of time that your email response will be delayed. If you’re out for a long period of time, is there someone on your team that you could mention in the OOO message who could take emergency emails or calls? Easy peasy!

Send a welcome guide to new clients

A welcome guide is essential to proper onboarding of your new clients. This can include:

  • Communication guidelines (do you allow texting? Hours? In-person meetings?)
  • Overall planning schedule
  • What you expect from them (decision making time, timely payments, honest feedback etc.)
  • What you promise to give them (design boards, vendor research, budget support, etc.)
  • Resources and loyalty discount codes to some brands you recommend
  • FAQs

Make it your own! What are some things your clients ask you about all the time? Add it to your welcome guide.

Hire a virtual assistant

If you are reading this and are saying “but I don’t have the time to do all of this!”. Well it’s time to hire some help or cut down on the number or weddings you’re doing. You heard me! Either charge more and take on less or bring in a team that can help with a few tasks each week such as:

  • Responding to inquiries and sending brochures
  • Answering client questions
  • Communicating information to vendors
  • Scheduling meetings and calls
  • Etc

You don’t want to make your current clients suffer because you’re too busy booking new ones. If communication is bad, your relationship with that client will feel strained the whole time and that’s not fun for anyone. Take care of the amazing clients you have, set boundaries, schedule out your own free time and then offer up your undivided attention during their scheduled chats.

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