5 Easy Idea Pins Every Wedding Pro Should Create

January 24, 2022

Today I’m taking care of the brainstorming process for you! Check out these 5 easy idea pins that every wedding pro should create below.

Design Inspiration

This one is extra Pinterest-worthy! Show off all of those pretty tablescapes and ceremony designs. While you are setting up, take a moment to capture some quick vertical videos of your creation. Go for a before and after moment or a simple overview of the final look.

Wedding Business Tips

As a wedding pro, you probably have some educational content to share with your peers. Share some quick tips about your specific expertise. For example, if you are a wedding planner you might share “3 Items Every Wedding Planner Needs to Pack in Their Kit”. Take a video of yourself talking about this advice. You can also create a video-style graphic. Just remember, each Idea Pin slide has a 60-second limit.

Wedding Attire Ideas

Wedding attire is some of the most searched content on Pinterest. Edit together photos of your stylish clients for an Idea Pin. Even better if you have a video to share! Wondering where to start when creating Idea Pins? I gotchu! Watch this video for a full breakdown. You will be creating Idea Pins like a pro:

Wedding Venue Features

If you are consistently pinning and linking to your amazing blogs, you might be wondering, “Why isn’t my profile taking off yet?” Try adding in specific locations and venues you love to work out. This was a game-changer for my wedding planning profile! Feature an Idea Pin that highlights a wedding at a venue you work at often. Then, watch the boost to your profile happen.

Seasonal Wedding Trends

Are you keeping track of the seasonal shifts on Pinterest? Make sure your Idea Pins are cohesive with the current rending season on the platform. If it is time to share spring wedding content (like it is right now in January!), hold off on sharing those fall weddings for a few months.

I understand that creating content for Pinterest takes time, planning, and research. If you want to prioritize this platform but feel overwhelmed, my team is ready to take this off of your plate! We have a range of services to suit your current business need. Find the best option for your Pinterest journey here.