Helpful tools to grow your Blog & Pinterest (that you didn’t know existed)

January 11, 2021

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of schedulers when it comes to being successful on Pinterest. More than just that, we use a few other apps and tools to help us design killer pins, caption our pins perfectly on our blog posts and save us time while doing it.

In this post I’m going to share the most helpful tools to grow your Pinterest and blog. Some of these tools, I bet you never heard about! Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

Disclaimer: this blog post contains affiliate links which means that if you click and purchase something through them, I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting me!

1. Tailwind: Pinterest Scheduler

Okay, we’re starting off easy because you know I’m going to save the best for last. I’ve been using Tailwind for about one year now and it’s been a GAME CHANGER.

Tailwind can be a scheduler for both Pinterest and Instagram accounts. It allows you to “batch” your work and still have your pins trickle onto Pinterest the way they want you to do it.

Tailwind Communities

The other amazing thing about Tailwind is their “Communities” (formerly known as Tailwind Tribes). Tailwind Communities are a really great way to add your content onto like-minded or “niche” groups within the platform and for those users to then share it to their Pinterest boards.

Your content is basically getting a lot more exposure when you use Tailwind Communities. It is expected of you to also share other people’s pins within the Community so be sure you’re only joining those niche groups that are relevant to your market.

Tailwind Create

This is Tailwind’s newest feature! It’s a SUPER EASY way to create dozens of brand new pins from a single blog post or URL. (I plan to record a YouTube video of me using that feature so y’all can see what it looks like soon.)

Tailwind has made it really easy to use this new tool by allowing you to upload your logo, fonts and brand colors. You can choose to use images of your own or photos from their stock images gallery. Definitely recommending trying this out!

P.S You can try Tailwind for free HERE

2. TastyPins: Blogging Plugin

TastyPin is a Pinterest plugin for WordPress where every photo you add to your blog will now have a “Pinterest Title” and “Pinterest Description” box for you to fill out information in.

This is great because you can do the work once when you add the images to the blog and when they get pinned to Pinterest, your title and caption are already there!

This is a paid plugin but only $29. Definitely worth a try.

3. Canva: Easy Graphic Design

I know I said I love using Tailwind Create to make dozens of easy pins BUT Canva is my all-time favorite graphic designer tool. Not only can you create pins but you can create animated images, videos, presentations and even templates that you can sell!

Our team uses Canva Pro which is about $96 per year but we get access to a ton of extra graphics, specialty fonts, and other features. HIGHLY recommend at least trying the free version here.

4. MyloTree: Pinterest Following

I bet you’ve never heard of this one! This is brand new to me but so far I love it. In fact, I hear the founder of MyloTree speak on a podcast and that’s how I found out about.

Basically, MyloTree is a plugin you add to your website. When users browse your website, this pop-up shows up with an image of your Pinterest profile and a clear “Follow” button to encourage them to follow you on.

It’s very successful for those who have visual businesses and share good stuff on Pinterest. Wedding Pros, this is a must to help grow you Pinterest following.

Note: It’s true, followers are not THAT important on Pinterest but, it’s something that Pinterest is starting to encourage more and more. Also, the more eyeballs I can get on my Pinterest page, the higher change I can have one of them click back to a specific blog post that is optimized to sell!

5. FloDesk: Email List Builder

If you don’t have an email list yet, let this be your sign to get one NOW! I say this because my email list is one of the best ways I’m able to build and nurture my relationship with potential clients.

I send weekly emails with tips, new blog posts and promotions for both my Pinterest audience (hey that’s you!) and wedding couples for my wedding planning business. It’s important to provide free information for people who sign up for you email list but it’s also completely acceptable (and expected) to SELL through that list.

A few things I do to sell to my email list is through giveaways, insider discounts to my e-course or packages that I offer, affiliate links to other people’s course, etc.

So take it from someone who waited way to long to get an email list, now is definitely the time! I love FloDesk because the templates are already perfectly designed and really easy to plug-and-play.

Tools to help grow your blog and Pinterest accounts

So, did you discover a new helpful tool to help grow your blog and Pinterest accounts? I hope so because ever since discovering these myself, it’s really helped boost both of those platforms.